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to The Studios

The Studios @ETC is a space that has been created for the very best freelance and employed stylists. to apply their craft. 

Our talented hairdressers will showcase their exceptional hairdressing skills with an innovative caring approach.


From a transformative colour change to signature hair treatments designed to regenerate, repair, and rebuild the core integrity of your hair.

Events - Jan 16th 2024

Unlock the Magic of Crystals and Heal Your Aura Field

Exciting News! 🌈 Join us for an enchanting Crystal Workshop with the wonderful Natasha!

In this session, Natasha will guide us on a journey of connecting with crystals, unlocking their healing powers for our auras, and tapping into the energy of our chakras. 🌟💎 Learn how to use these magical gems effectively and establish a strong foundation for future crystal explorations.

This marks the inauguration of our Crystal Workshop series! Natasha's will pave the way for future sessions, where we'll delve into the specific powers of crystals for sleep, grounding, creativity, and conquering fears that hold us back. 🌙✨

Get ready to transform, release, and create with the incredible energy of crystals. 🌟 Don't miss this opportunity to awaken your connection with these beautiful crystals and discover the endless possibilities they offer! 💎✨

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